Carlton Takes The Micky
Mike Carlton
Format: Vinyl (Used)
Cat No: MC-JF-83
Label: N/A
Australian pressing.

Cover is in very good plus (VG+) condition. Record has not been test played, but has been visually inspected and has no scratchers or signs of significant wear.

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Side 1

1. School For Politicians
2. Minister For Crime
3. Premier Never Wrong (Rang)
4. Bob Hope Meets President
5. Cassidy
6. Bob Hope PM
7. Job Hunting
8. Dam It!
9. The Sydneys
10. Hitler's Diary
11. On Tour With Prince Chilla And Princess Daisy
12. The Train Song

Side 2

1. The Elimination
2. Gentlemen, Prepare Yourselves
3. George Fungus In Newport
4. Dear God
5. Oh God
6. Bob Hope, The Sporting PM
7. Oodnagallarbie
8. Ode To McEnrude
9. Which Way, Cliff?
10. Stevenson's Engine
11. To Rebuild Or Not To Rebuild?