The Comedy Company Album
The Comedy Company
Format: Vinyl (Used)
Cat No: 462994 1
Label: CBS

Cover is in very good plus (VG+) condition. Record has not been test played, but has been visually inspected and has no scratchers or signs of significant wear. (Note: Record has been test played)

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Side 1

1. Being Dropped (By Kylie Mole)
2. I Go I Go (By Kylie Mole)
3. At The CES (By Colin Carpenter)
4. The Language Of Football
5. Getting Married (By The Typists)
6. Playschool
7. The Office Desk (By David Rabbitborough)
8. Uncle Arthur's Song: Row Row Row Your Boat (By Uncle Arthur)
9. You're Going Off Me (By Bedscene)
10. Roula's Birthday (By Con The Fruiterer)

Side 2

1. The Student Teacher (By Kylie Mole)
2. So Excellent (By Kylie Mole)
3. The Car (By Colin Carpenter)
4. The Language Of Seduction
5. Drive Time Aerobics
6. Your Mother's Greatest Hits
7. NBC News
8. The Handbag (By David Rabbitborough)
9. Shop Assistant School
10. We Never Talk (By Bedscene)
11. A Cuppla Days (By Con The Fruiterer)