Triple J One Night Stand
Various Artists
Format: DVD (Used)
Cat No: 2757164
Label: ABC
PAL, all regions.

DVD and cover are in very good plus (VG+) condition.(Note: Record has been test played)

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Disc 1

1. The Return (Feat. Hilltop Hoods)
2. Chase that Feeling (Feat. Hilltop Hoods)
3. The Hard Road (Feat. Hilltop Hoods)
4. The Nosebleed Section (Feat. Hilltop Hoods)
5. Young Modern Station (Feat. Silverchair)
6. Straight Lines (Feat. Silverchair)
7. Reflections Of A Sound (Feat. Silverchair)
8. Clementine (Feat. Washington)
9. Rich Kids (Feat. Washington)
10. Clement (Feat. Washington)
11. We Are Amphibious (Feat. Children Collide)
12. Farewell Rocketship (Feat. Children Collide)
13. Social Currency (Feat. Children Collide)
14. Wild Strawberries (Feat. PNAU)
15. Baby (Feat. PNAU)
16. Embrace (Feat. PNAU)
17. Donít Wanna See Your Face (Feat. John Butler Trio)
18. One Way Road (Feat. John Butler Trio)
19. Zebra (Feat. John Butler Trio)
20. What If (Feat. Cog)
21. Are You Interested (Feat. Cog)
22. Bird of a Feather (Feat. Cog)
23. Broken Leg (Feat. Bluejuice)
24. Vitriol (Feat. Bluejuice)
25. Ainít Telling The Truth (Feat. Bluejuice)
26. Donít Be On With Her (Feat. Miami Horror)
27. Make You Mine (Feat. Miami Horror)
28. Summerfest í86 (Feat. Miami Horror)
29. Doctor Doctor (Feat. Gyroscope)
30. Fast Girl (Feat. Gyroscope)
31. I'm So Tired (Feat. Eskimo Joe)
32. Inshalla (Feat. Eskimo Joe)
33. From The Sea (Feat. Eskimo Joe)
34. This Heart Attack (Feat. Faker)
35. Are You Magnetic? (Feat. Faker)
36. Hurricane (Feat. Faker)
37. Final Conversation (Feat. The Butterfly Effect)
38. Window And The Watcher (Feat. The Butterfly Effect)